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Equipment Info

One system does it all for the mid-size contractor. The Spectra Precision LL300 Laser Level is an automatic self-leveling rotary laser designed for the mid-sized contractor performing dirt moving, concrete, excavation and other jobs where accuracy is at a premium. Typical applications include checking and setting elevations for concrete forms and pads, excavations, footing and foundations on small and medium sized commercial construction projects like drug stores, strip centers and mini-marts. The laser has a long range 1300 foot working diameter and an accuracy of 3/32 inch at 100 feet. Unlike most instruments, the LL300 laser transmitter is jobsite tough - it can withstand a drop of up to 3 feet onto concrete or up to 5 feet when pushed over on a tripod. It is water resistant and is ready to work when you are. The system also includes the unique, patented HL450 Laserometer receiver that provides an easy to read digital readout of elevation for quick elevation checks. This increases productivity and also eliminates readout errors and math mistakes. All the components of the LL300-1 - laser transmitter, HL450 receiver with clamp, tripod and 15-foot 10ths grade rod - fit in one easy-to-carry case.

Little Jobs

  • 25.00

  • per 1/2 Day

Handy Man

  • 40.00

  • per Day

Professional Jobs

  • 160.00

  • per Week

Contractor Jobs

  • 480.00

  • per Month