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Equipment Info

Stress relieved steel plate housings are crack resistant and provide long wear. Aluminum exciter housing dissipates heat rapidly and custom lubricants preserve bearing and seal integrity. The self cleaning plate prevents dirt build-up.

The GP2000 is a permutation of the AP2000 where frequency, amplitude, centrifugal force and mass are adjusted to provide optimal productivity in the compaction of sands and gravel. The GP2000 is capable of achieving excellent densities on lifts of granular soils up to 14" (36 cm)*.

Specifications GP2000H
Engine GX160 5.5 hp
Operating Weight

165 lb
Plate Size WxL 20 x 22
Centrifugal Force 3250 lbf
Exciter Speed 5050 vpm
Compaction Depth up to 14 in
Travel Speed 120 ft/min
Compaction Area 10800 sqft/h

Safety Equipment: 
Safety Glasses

Little Jobs

  • 40.00

  • per 1/2 Day

Handy Man

  • 60.00

  • per Day

Professional Jobs

  • 240.00

  • per Week

Contractor Jobs

  • 720.00

  • per Month