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Please be patient, our web site is under construction. The prices and descriptions might not be accurate.
Please call to verify pricing and equipment information.
  • (563) 864-6008

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Equipment Info

The Pacific Laser Systems HLV 100 Laser is the tool of choice for demanding remodeling projects. It projects 360° horizontal and vertical lines, and is fully self-leveling. The HLV 100 is ideal for laying out kitchen cabinets, bath or shower tile, wallpaper, electrical and HVAC jobs. Sets up easily and provides 360° line of reference three times — horizontal and vertical with 90° layout. Ceilings, walls and floors are all aligned with one easy-to-use tool. Generates bright multiple laser lines for layout and plumb, level and square. With an optional SLD detector, its utility is enhanced for exterior layouts, too. U.S.A.
What's Included

(1) Laser
(1) 360° fine adjust base
(1) Wall bracket
(1) Rechargeable battery pack
(1) Layout targets
(2) Carrying case
(1) Manual
(1) Stand

Little Jobs

  • 25.00

  • per 1/2 Day

Handy Man

  • 40.00

  • per Day

Professional Jobs

  • 160.00

  • per Week

Contractor Jobs

  • 480.00

  • per Month