Dance Floor

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Equipment Info

The wood grain dance floor is 12'x12', with this size it can easily fit 16 couples. This dance floor consists of the corners, different sized edges, tiles and tons of clips. In total this whole dance floor with every piece is about 265 pounds. Whats unique about our dance floor is that they can be disassembled into small sizes unlike most dance floors that are set at 3'x3'. Our dance floors are easier to move around and once set with the tiles, clips, corners and edges, the portable dance floor locks everything into place. The clips of the dance floor is to be used with each tile so be aware that the clips are clipped on the back of the tiles. This Portable dance floors can be used indoors or outdoors. It is recommended to use plywood if setting up dance floor on uneven ground.

Whats included: [64] Tiles,
[4] Corners,
[4] 27-1/4" Split Aluminum Edge Pieces,
[4] 18-1/4" Single Aluminum Edge Pieces,
[8] 36-5/8" Double Aluminum Edge Pieces,
[469] Clips

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